pro-independence political activist.

Where really is Juan Antonio Corretjer now? Wiki: High School

Who’s Juan Antonio Corretjer?

Juan Antonio Corretjer has been a poet, journalist in addition to some pro-independence political activist. He’d compared to United States principle out of Puerto Rico.

Juan Antonio Corretjer life and education

Juan Antonio Corretjer, the excellent poet was created on 3rd March 1908 at Ciales, Puerto Rico. He had been the son of Diego Corretjer Hernández along with María Brígida Montes González who served into some dangerously busy pro-independence family. He had finished his primary and secondary schooling in his or her hometown. When he was little, he composed his first screenplay “Canto a Cialis”. He then combined the “Literary Society of Jose Gautier Benitez”, which afterwards could be renamed the “Nationalist Youth”, although he was in elementary school. He had been expelled from his regional high school for coordinating a hit to get it renamed for José p Diego. He had been changed to a college at the city of Vega Baja.

The National Youth of juan Antonio Corretjer

Back in 1927, he’d transferred into San Juan and functioned as a journalist for the paper “La Democracia”. Back in 1932 and 1933, he had released his first twonovels of poetry: “Agüeybaná” along with “Ulises”. In the same way, in 1935 he’d traveled to Cuba and combined an anti-Batista band whose goal was to set up the U.S.-backed Cuban dictator. At precisely exactly the exact identical season, four Nationalists were murdered by law enforcement under the control of Colonel E. Francis Riggs. Back in 1936, 1936, a Federal Grand Jury filed accusations from Pedro Albizu Campos, Juan Antonio Corretjer, Luis F. Velázquez, Clemente Soto Vélez along with These members of the Cadets of this Republic: Erasmo Velázquez, Julio H. Velázquez, Rafael Ortiz Pacheco, Juan Gallardo Santiago, along with Pablo Rosado Ortiz. However, in 1937 a bunch of attorneys, such as a youthful Gilberto Concepción de Gracia.

The Livelihood of juan Antonio Corretjer

Besides politics, in addition, he utilized to compose poems and poems. Back in 1932he wrote poems such as Agueybana, Agueybana at 1937, “El Leñero” at 1944,” “Tierra Nativa” in 1951, in addition to Yerba Bruja” in 1957. Not just poems and composition he’d published a few books, “Albizu Campos and the Ponce massacre” in 1965, Imagen De Borinquen, IV Yerba Bruja” at 1970, “El Cumplido” in 1979 and Los Dias de conta dos in 1984. But sadly, he’d perished in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 19th January 1985. And he’d only lived for 76 decades.

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