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Who’s Franklyn Seales?

West Indies-born Franklyn Seales Has Been an American film, stage, and TV Celebrity. Furthermore, he was also a painter. Unfortunately, he’s not in this world . He died because of complications from AIDS on May 14, 1990, in Brooklyn, New York. Presently, he’s recognized among the well-known statistics in the acting industry that existed. Late celebrity, Franklyn is famous for playing with Dexter Stuffins about the NBC sitcom “Silver Spoons”.

Franklyn Seales: Childhood, Family, and Birth Facts

Franklyn Seales was Created in Calliaqua, St. Vincent, West Indies on July 15, 1952. He’s a combination of English, Scottish, African, Portuguese and Native American Caribbean descent. He had been born to parents, Francis Seales and Olive Seales. His father was a merchant seaman and government worker. Around age 8, he and his transferred into New York City. He climbed up farther there.

Franklyn Seales: Education History

According to his schooling, it was about studying behaving. He attended Juilliard School, where he was provided a four-year scholarship.

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. . "Tim Clement or "Timmy Girl" as we would all affectionately call him had a magnetic personality that drew everyone to him. He was a beauty with classic good looks and in the late 1980's was a very successful model with the Zoli Agency. . Tim was best known for his @speedo swimsuit ad for HOM. He went on to attend design school and started working at #AngeloDonghia (1935 – 1985). After several years, he left and started his own design company until he became ill in 1994. . What I remember most about Tim, was his bravery in speaking out, acting up and not being ashamed of being HIV positive. I can still see him vividly at the 1994 Gay #Pride Parade on the ‘HIV positive float’ in his speedo and sneakers! After telling him how courageous I thought he was, he said, "I'm just doing what I can to take away the stigma of this disease and peoples perception of what it means to be HIV positive.” . The last time I saw Tim, I went with his friend Geo to visit him at the Cabrini Medical Center, NYC. His sister was with him. We sat and talked and tried to make the best of what we knew was not a good situation. Tim was so ill, losing his eyesight, had early dementia and was incredibly weak. Fighting until the end, he wanted to get up and walk around and that's what we did until he got tired and eventually walking us to the elevator. . I knew it would be the last time i would see Tim. As the elevator doors began to close, I looked in his eyes and said, "I love you.” I can still see him standing there in his hospital gown and socks with his beautiful sister holding him up on one side and him steadying himself with his IV drip stand on the other smiling at me and saying, "I love you." I said nothing on the elevator ride down. . Tim lost his battle on October 5, 1995. He was only 38 years old. He had asked Geo to spread his ashes off the coast of Fort Lauderdale where he grew up. Being the dedicated and loyal friend that Geo is, that's exactly what he did. As Tim said to Geo, "That way, I'll always be playing with the dolphins." — @scottfowler1967 . ? Tim & Bonnie Berman – 1984 @Versace Ad © #RichardAvedon (1923 – 2004) #whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial

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Franklyn Seales: Career and Professional Existence

Frankly, n career began when he joined Julliard School to find out acting. His roommate was Robin Williams. His debut performance was on TV film, “King Lear” at 1978. However he wasn’t. Subsequently he moved on working hard and looking for important functions. This encouraged his career and landed him important roles. Back in 1979, he played with the role of Jimmy Lee “Youngblood” Smith in an American crime drama movie, “The Onion Field”. What’s more, in 1983 to 1987, he played with Dexter Stuffins within an American sitcom, “Silver Spoons”. This left him a popular figure among the press and the TV audiences. Furthermore, he starred in several other TV show such as, “Amen”, “Growing Pains”, “Wiseguy”, etc. Paco Bazos was his very last portrayal of this character in a TV series that he played “Wiseguy”. Then, in 1990, he died of AIDS complication in age 37.

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— #SwenSwenson (January 23, 1930 – June 23, 1993) was a Broadway dancer and singer who died of AIDS in Los Angeles. He was 61 years old. . Openly gay, Swenson was an early supporter of various LGBT organizations, and at one point turned his Greenwich Village home into a HQ for raising bond money for those who’d been arrested during the 1969 #Stonewallriots. It was Swenson who brought his friend the artist #KeithHaring (1958 – 1990) to his first @actupny meeting. . Frustrated by the governments failure to address the AIDS epidemic, two nights after Swenson's death in Midway Hospital, approximately 100 people angrily marched on Santa Monica Boulevard, carrying signs with his picture, stopping traffic and chanting, "Swen is dead and no one cares!" . Despite harassment from the police, when the march reached the Bank of Los Angeles at Santa Monica and La Cienega, the group threw their signs into the middle of the street setting set fire to the pile. . Born in Inwood, Iowa, Swenson was trained by actress turned acting teacher #MiraRostova (1909 – 2009) at the @sab_nyc. . Swenson featured and co-starring roles on Broadway in such musicals such as ‘Wildcat’ with #LucilleBall (1911 – 1989), ‘Little Me’ — for which he received @thetonyawards nomination — and the revival of Can-Can in 1981. He appeared also appeared in movies and on Tv variety shows, including The Ed Sullivan Show and the featured dancer on Sid Ceasar’s Show of Shows. . ? © Getty Images . #whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial #aidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

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Franklyn Seales: Salary and Net Worth

There’s not any information available to people regarding his wages and net worth.

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. . #ScottBurton (June 23, 1939 – December 29, 1989) was a sculptor and performance artist who died of AIDS at the Cabrini Medical Center, New York. He was 50 years old. . When Burton died he had no family and left his estate to his partner, Jonathan Erlitz, who died in 1998. @themuseumofmodernart then inherited Burton’s archive, copyrights, art and money. He wanted his work in a public place as opposed to private gardens. . Burton’s will instructed the @themuseumofmodernart to establish a fund in his name and was tasked with selling off his work over time to benefit the fund. . Burton, born in Greensboro, was raised by his single mother in the town of Eutaw, Alabama. He attended a number of colleges on the east coast of the United States. In 1962, he received a Bachelor of Arts in English from @columbia and a year later awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree from @nyuniversity. . During the 1960s, Burton attempted to be a playwright and librettist, however in 1965 he started writing art criticism. In 1966, he began as an editorial associate at @artnewsmag where he then became an editor. In the 1970s, he was known as an art critic and performance artist before producing his first sculptures in 1975. . #whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial #aidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

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Franklyn Seales: Controversy and Rumors

Franklyn Seales was a part of controversy again in the late 80’s. It had been when he said he wasn’t component of several functions since he wasn’t both black or seems too much territorial or Hispanic. The point he was making was discrimination of those appearances in Hollywood.

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. . Leonard P. Matlovich (July 6, 1943 – June 22, 1988) was a @usairforce technical Sgt who was expelled from the service after declaring that he was gay. Matlovich died of AIDS in West Hollywood at the age of 44. . Matlovich was a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War who served 12 years in the Air Force. He was a human relations counselor at Langley @usairforce base in Hampton. In March 1975, he challenged regulations barring gays from service by notifying his superior officer that he was gay. . Six months later, the @usairforce decided Matlovich was unfit for service despite his exemplary record a general discharge was recommended. However, the base commander ordered that he be given an honorable discharge. . Matlovich, who had been awarded the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and an Air Force commendation, fought to be reinstated. However in 1980, he agreed to drop his challenge in return for a a $160,000 out-of-court settlement. . After Matlovich's announcement of his sexual orientation and discharge he became a hero for the gay rights movement. Featured in @time magazine he was active in gay rights organizations and ran unsuccessfully for political office in San Francisco, where he lived before relocating to West Hollywood. . Matlovich's epitaph, which he wrote himself and is inscribed on a tombstone at his grave in the Congressional Cemetery, Washington, carries this inscription — When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men, and a discharge for loving one. . Photograph: October 22, 1975, Matlovich holds his Honorable Discharge papers at Langley Air Force © Getty Images. . #whatisrememberedlives #aidsmemorial #theaidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

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Franklyn Seales: Body Measurement

Height: Weight: Hair Colour: dark brown Eye Colour: brown Bra Size: Body Dimension size: Dress size

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— Philip Mills aka #DorisFish (August 11, 1953 – June 22 1991) was an Australian born, San Francisco based drag queen, artist, actor and writer who died of AIDS in San Francisco. He was 37 years old. . “Doris was a legend, icon and true original. She was a friend and someone I greatly admired. Her wit, her style and her presence were larger than life. I was lucky enough to perform once with the Sluts and I can honestly say it was one of the high points of my life. I think of her often, and Tippi also. Both really left us too soon.” — @asaracena . “Doris once appeared on a dismal local morning TV talk show in the American Middle West. The host remarked on her amazing drag, then said, "You don't always look like this, right? I mean you didn't come over from the hotel looking like this?" Doris replied, "Of course I didn't look like this. I was much younger then."” — @gkoskovich . “Doris also worked on floats for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on her occasional forays back to Sydney. One of the best was the 'Fishmobile' which actually included her own mother.” — @jeffstewaus . "I had Doris and The Fish come down for the 1971 Arts Festival in Canberra and they blew everyone away. I used to go and see Doris and Tippi perform in San Francisco as well years later. Doris was always a force." — Alex Stewart . "I remember Doris from the Mardi Gras workshop the year that Hayles Comet came to visit us Doris was on the float that led the parade that year." — Bill Martin . "I had the honour of working with Phillip at MG workshop too, and collaborated on a couple of floats. He was a hon.” — by @aubonboulanger . “I remember going to a club on Oxford Street in Sydney with David McDiarmid and Peter Tully to see Doris perform. It was nothing special as a night out but she was incredible. The first time I'd seen a performer use drag as an acting device. And go so beyond just gender mimicry. So glad her career blossomed here after that.” — @hey____david #whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial #aidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

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