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Who’s Laura Thomas?

Laura Thomas is a American Journalist who worked for ABC15 News. Folks have known her to get her appealing functionality for a meteorologist. She was part of ABC15 News because June 2013 before 13th August 2015.

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OB_S_ _TY// ? This has been brewing all week so forgive me if it’s ragey. I find it difficult to be objective with this shit because I see the damage stigmatising campaigns like this do. Anyway, here goes: ? This week @CR_UK launched their new ‘shit on fat people’ campaign which claimed that after smoking, higher body weight is the biggest cause of cancer. ? Understandably people are fucked off about this ? let’s first of all point out the obvious. The campaign claims causality, (that ‘obesity’ causes cancer) which objectively we cannot claim. In order to prove cause and effect we would need multiple randomised control trials that make people gain weight and then see how many of them get cancer. This is clearly unethical. ?‍♀️ we have no evidence of cause and effect, only associations which are confounded by complex and not fully understood risk factors (environmental pollutants, genetics, fat phobia & more) ? cancer is not a straightforward disease with multiple forms and causes, and it progresses over decades ? But the bigger problem here is that the campaign promotes fat phobia and there are already reports of people receiving abuse based on it. ? It places the blame squarely on the individual, framing weight as a set of behaviours under individual control and neglects the fact that the vast majority of people who see this ad have already tried to lose weight and have been unsuccessful, contributing to feelings of shame and disempowerment. ❗️ it also fails to talk about how to reduce risk. Like reducing alcohol, smoking, physical activity, and improved nutrition. Incidentally campaigns built on health promoting behaviours would help reduce risk of cancer in thin people too. But nope, they chose the increasing stigma approach. ❗️ fat people (and I use the word as a fat positive ally) experience physiological and psychological consequences as a result of fat phobia including: Anxiety Depression Disordered eating Negative body image Lowered self esteem Feelings of worthlessness Suicide Avoidance of health promoting behaviours like exercise and medical screenings ❗️The word obesity is in and of itself stigmatising and we know, as with other forms of…

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Laura Thomas’s Education, Childhood, and Early Life

Speaking on her early life she had been born in the USA of America. Her date of arrival hasn’t yet been mentioned. She goes to American Idol but her ethnicity hasn’t yet been shown yet. Since Laura is a key residing individual there’s not any info about her parents along with her relatives also. She attained Broadcast Meteorology Certificate at the Mississippi State University. As part of her schooling objectives, she attained a degree in Communications from Accreditation technician University.

Laura Thomas’s Salary Career, and Networth

Laura Thomas gave a beginning for her career from 20004, in which she worked as a weekend weather forecaster. She’s helped multiple radio channels in addition to News, Weather info. Together with the regional National Weather Service office, she’s functioned weather info about the Storm Ready Board. She got an opportunity to focus on KJTV that’s that the Fox-affiliated television channel operating Lubbock, Texas. Eye Opener has been the information app that was served by Laura on weekday mornings from 5am-8am around CW33’s. In 2012, she helped many radio channels. As a hardworking individual, she’s also supplied weathercasts to their flagship site. Eventually, she’s obtained a fantastic achievement in her profession when she got chosen as a meteorologist at ABC15 on June 2013. Back in August 2015, she abandoned that the ABC15 News. She also obtained a fantastic number of net worth that is 1 million but her wages isn’t shown yet. She’s receding to Arizona according to her tweets and working there.

Laura ThomasControversy and ‘s Rumors

Discussing the controversy and rumors of this multi-talented journalists Laura Thomas,”Presently, there aren’t any rumors concerning her private and professional life. It appears she’s doing her very best job without hurting others and continues to be a private individual in her own life, for that she’s been at any controversy however.

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WILL FRUIT MAKE YOUR TEETH FALL OUT??// ? So, today a review paper was published in the British Dental Journal summarising the relationship between acidic foods and tooth erosion. Dentists have noticed that, while we all eat acidic components in our diet, only some people go on to develop tooth erosion. ? They found that eating fruits over a long period of time in a single sitting (>10 mins), holding acidic drinks in your mouth for extended periods, drinking acidic drinks at hot temps (like fruit teas), and a few other variables, can all contribute to tooth erosion. ? the acid in these foods & drinks can weaken the structure of the enamel, which causes erosion over time ? Just to add to the confusion, this is different to the effect that sugar has on teeth – sugar gets metabolised by sugar causing tooth decay ? The media are flipping their shit over this, and telling people they shouldn’t eat fruit as snacks ? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR – this is clearly contradictory to nutrition advice as we know people are 1) generally not reaching their 5-a-day 2) not eating enough fibre and 3) this message furthers the ~fruit is evil~ rhetoric ?‍♀️ so what the fuck should we do? Since I’m no dentist, and since I think it’s important for health care professionals to stay in their goddamn lane, I spoke to my dentist friend Michael (not on instagram ?) about how to balance oral health with nutrition. ? Here’s what he had to say: “For most people I wouldn’t worry too much about fruit unless eating habit were a bit more ~avante garde~, 3 meals a day plus a couple of snacks, and drinking tea and water without sugar seems pretty reasonable to me” ? you don’t have to avoid fruit as a snack, but there are ways to minimise your risk of tooth erosion: ? Fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinses make a huge difference! ? Saliva is a good buffer for acids and why sugar free gum can be a big help, not only for immediate effect but that regular chewers produce more saliva in response to food stimulation (that’s cool, right?) ? water may help offset some of the damage of acidic food by dilution ? Don’t hold acidic drinks in your mouth for too long (alcohol, fruit teas, flavoured…

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The Body Measurements of laura Thomas

She has hair and her eyes have been somewhat brown. However, there isn’t any info concerning body dimensions, body fat, along with her Height.

Social Media Profile

Laura Thomas is busy on Twitter but she isn’t busy on Facebook and Instagram. She’s over 6,203 followers on Twitter. Reference:(,

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